KICK THE CAN CREW and Okamura Yasuyuki Join Forces for “Jusho”

KICK THE CAN CREW reunited last year after a 13 year hiatus, with the release of the album “KICK!” Now the group is set to release their first post-hiatus single, “Jusho.” Out August 29, it’s KICK THE CAN CREW’s first single since December 2003’s “Nounai VACATION.””Jusho” is a collaboration with Okamura Yasuyuki, and serves as the September theme song for Nippon TV’s “Sukkiri!!”

The limited edition of the single comes includes a live CD that features the album “KICK!” performed in its entirety.

Check out more information on this release below!

Limited Edition

KICK THE CAN CREW「住所feat. 岡村靖幸」初回限定盤ジャケット


Regular Edition

KICK THE CAN CREW「住所feat. 岡村靖幸」通常盤ジャケット

1. 住所 feat. 岡村靖幸 (Jusho feat. Okamura Yasuyuki)
2. Keep It Up
3. 住所 feat. 岡村靖幸 (Inst.) (Jusho feat. Okamura Yasuyuki (Inst.))
4. Keep It Up (Inst.)

Limited Edition Bonus CD
1. 全員集合 (Zenin Shugo)
2. 千% (1000%)
3. 今もSing-along (Ima mo Sing-along)
4. SummerSpot
5. なんでもないDays (Nandemonai Days)
6. 完全チェンジTHEワールド (Kanzen Chenji THE World)
7. また戻っておいで (Mata Modotte Oide)
8. また波を見てる (Mata Mami wo Miteru)
9. I Hope You Miss Me a Little
10. タコアゲ (Takoage)



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