Ketsumeishi to celebrate their 15th Anniversary with new Studio Album

Pop/Hip-hop quartet Ketsumeishi have announced that they will be releasing their tenth full album “KETSUNOPOLIS 10” next week on October 26th.  This will be the group’s first studio release in two-and-a-quarter years and includes their previously released tracks “Saraba Namida”, “Kimi to Deatte”, “Tomo yo ~Kono Saki mo Zutto…”, “Yashi no Ki no You ni”, and “Color Variation”, as well as 11 new songs for a total of 16.

Ahead of the album’s release, Ketsumeishi have also published the PV for its lead track “Bokura no Tame ni…” to avex’s official Youtube channel.  This special video is a collaboration between the quartet and the cast of film “Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru” (which “Bokura no Tame ni…” will serve as the theme song for), featuring actress Yuko Araki in her role as heroine Koharu Uemura.

You’ll find the full version of the music video for “Bokura no Tame ni…”, plus the cover and track list for “KETSUNOPOLIS 10” if you read on below.

-’KETSUNOPOLIS 10’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. Yashi no Ki no You ni
  2. Ii Kanji
  3. Bosano BAR
  4. Ningen Kousaten
  5. Bokura no Tame ni…
  6. Color Variation
  7. Disco☆Buchou
  8. Passion!!!!
  9. Eternally
  10. Tegami ~Are Kara
  11. Saraba Namida
  12. Tomo yo ~Kono Saki mo Zutto…
  13. Hora Ikou
  14. Take Off
  15. Kimi to Deatte
  16. Kimi to One Piece
  • DVD / Blu-ray (Limited Editions Only)
  1. Music Videos
    1. Yashi no Ki no You ni
    2. Ii Kanji
    3. Bokura no Tame ni… (Special MV)
    4. Color Variation
    5. Saraba Namida
    6. Tomo yo ~Kono Saki mo Zutto…
    7. Kimi to Deatte
    8. Yashi no Ki no You ni (MV Making)
    9. Bokura no Tame ni… (MV Making)
    10. Saraba Namida (MV Making)
    11. Tomo yo ~Kono Saki mo Zutto… (MV Making)
  2. Lives from GREENROOM FESTIVAL Hawaii ’16 at WAIKIKI SHELL, HAWAII 9/10/2016
    1. Californie
    3. Natsu no Omoide
    4. Taiyou
    5. Bosano BAR
    6. Ii Kanji
    7. Yashi no Ki no You ni
    8. Volare ~Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu

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