KEN THE 390 to Release New EP “Makko Shobu”

KEN THE 390 is currently celebrating his 10th anniversary. As part of this celebration, he will release a new EP on February 10 titled “Makko Shobu.” The EP will feature various guests, including KLOOZ, KOPERU, YURIKA, and JAZEE MINOR. KEN THE 390 recently released the music for the title track, which features MC☆Nigari a.k.a Akai Inazuma, KOPERU, CHICO CARLITO, and Shinpei Futoshi. Check it out after the jump, along wth more information on the new EP!

1. 真っ向勝負 feat. MC☆ニガリ a.k.a 赤い稲妻,KOPERU,CHICO CARLITO,晋平太 (Makko Shobu feat. MC☆Nigari a.k.a Akai Inazuma,KOPERU,CHICO CARLITO,Shinpei Futoshi)
2. Make Some Noise feat. ZORN,NORIKIYO
3. 足りない!! (Tarinai!!) feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT
4. Yes or No feat. JAZEE MINOR
5. YDK~やれば出来る子~ (YDK~Yareba Dekiruko~) feat. KOPERU
6. Nobody Knows feat. Lick-G
7. Someday We’ll Know feat. ist
8. Bangin’
9. How We DO feat. 彩-xi- (Aya-xi-),FALCO & SHINO
10. Check The Rhyme feat. KLOOZ,YURIKA,KOPERU
11. 真っ向勝負 feat. MC☆ニガリ,KOPERU,CHICO CARLITO,晋平太 (Makko Shobu feat. MC☆Nigari a.k.a Akai Inazuma,KOPERU,CHICO CARLITO,Shinpei Futoshi)  (Instrumental)
12. Make Some Noise feat. ZORN,NORIKIYO (Instrumental)




Makko Shobu