KEN THE 390 to Release New Album “Unbirthday”

On May 22, KEN THE 390 will release his new album, “Unbirthday.” Of the title, the rapper said he wants his music to not just be party music, but the music of people’s everyday lives.

“Unbirthday” features collaborations with ACE COOL, MOMENT JOON, and Ymagik as well as production by BACHLOGIC, DJ KOMORI, and Sam is Ohm. The album also features Kumai Goro on drums and Takeuchi Tomoyasu of Maboroshi and Dezille Brothers on guitar.

“Unbirthday” will come in a CD+DVD limited edition, a CD only regular edition, a cassette + player edition, and a cassette edition. The limited edition’s DVD contain the album’s three music videos along with a special studio live. Check out those videos below, along with more information on KEN THE 390’s new album!

Limited Edition

[CD + DVD] Unbirthday (DBMS limited package)

Regular Edition

KEN THE 390「Unbirthday」ジャケット

Cassette + Player Edition

Cassette Edition

[Cassette tape] Unbirthday

CD / Cassette

  1. You Like That
  2. Rain
  3. Black Hole
  4. Won’t Stop
  5. Nobody Else feat. ACE COOL.MOMENT JOON
  6. Let Me Know
  7. 何もしたくない (Nani mo Shitakunai)
  8. Secret feat. Ymagik
  9. どうでもいい (Do Demo Ii)
  10. Hollywood
  11. Play That Music

Limited Edition DVD
Studio Live “Unbirthday”

Music Video

  1. Rain (Music Video)
  2. 何もしたくない (Nani mo Shitakunai) (Music Video)
  3. Nobody Else feat. ACE COOL.MOMENT JOON (Music Video)