KEN THE 390 Releases Summer Night Jam “Samidare no Kimi ni”

On May 17, KEN THE 390 will release his new mini album, “Samidare no Kimi ni.” The title track was produced by BACHLOGIC, who also features on vocals. It’s a smooth, melodic song that honestly brings Drake to mind. “Samidare no Kimi ni” has an encouraging message, telling listeners to continue on through life even though there is rain at times.

Also featured on “Samidare no Kimi ni” is the song “Call Of Justice.” This song was created for the the 2016 film “CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE” and is now being released for the first time. It sees KEN THE 390 collaborating with DOTAMA, RUDE-α, Rei(c)hi, Jyou, ACE, MC☆Nigari a.k.a Akai Inazuma, Lick-G, and KOPERU.

The limited edition of “Samidare no Kimi ni” features a bonus CD titled “ANOTHER BEST.” It can best be described as a non-single best album.

KEN THE 390 recently released the music video for “Samidare no Kimi ni.” It has a relaxing vibe to it, which brings to mind summer nights. Check it out below, along with more information on the new mini album!

1. 五月雨の君に feat. 鋼田テフロン (Samidare no Kimi ni feat. H.Teflon) (Prod. BACHLOGIC)
2. after party feat. HISATOMI (Prod. DJ KOMORI)
3. メモリーレーン (Memory Lane) (Prod. CHICVA from BUZZER BEATS )
4. 気にしない (Ki ni Shinai) (Prod. Jazzadocument)
5. Call Of Justice feat. DOTAMA, RUDE-α, Rei(c)hi, じょう, ACE, MC☆ニガリ a.k.a 赤い稲妻, Lick-G, KOPERU (Call Of Justice feat. DOTAMA, RUDE-α, Rei(c)hi, Jyou, ACE, MC☆Nigari a.k.a Akai Inazuma, Lick-G, KOPERU) (Prod. DJ WATARAI)
6. 五月雨の君に feat. 鋼田テフロン (Samidare no Kimi ni feat. H.Teflon) (Prod. BACHLOGIC) (Instrumental)
7. アフターパーティー feat. HISATOMI (after party feat. HISATOMI) (Instrumental)
8. メモリーレーン (Memory Lane) (Instrumental)
9. 気にしない (Ki ni Shinai) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition CD2 (ANOTHER BEST)
1. It’s My Business
2. 三度の飯よりマイクロホン feat. KOPERU (San Do no Meshi Yori Microphone feat. KOPERU)
3. Kick It
4. チンパンジー (Chimpanzee)
5. Nobody Knows feat. Lick-G
6. 足りない!! feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT (Tarinai!! feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT)
7. カンフル剤~Get Naked Part.2~ feat. エムラスタ (Camphor Zai~Get Naked Part.2~ feat. Romancrew)
8. パラダイス feat. Sequick (Paradise feat. Sequick)
9. サンセット・ドライバー (Sunset Driver)
10. Stay Gold
11. Back In The Days Part.2
12. Runnin’


Samidare no Kimi ni


after party


Call Of Justice


Mini album trailer