Ken Miyake Shows His Adult Sex Appeal in “Destination” MV

On November 16, Ken Miyake will release his first mini album, “NEWWW.” This release’s theme is changing what the stereotype of an idol is with new values.

This release sees a number of artists serving as writers, composers, and arrangers. These are all artists that Ken wanted to make music with now. These artists include D.A.N., Toki Asako, TENDRE, and butaji.

Ahead of the release of “NEWWW”, the music video for “Destination” has been released. The song sees Ken collaborating with YonYon and 80KIDZ for an Oriental technopop song that has lyrics in Japanese and Korean. Set in a futuristic, cyberpunk world, Ken shares a love story with an AI woman played by Korean actress Lim Bora. Ken, “the miraculous 43 year old”, shows his adult sex appeal in the video. Check it out below!

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition


  1. Destination
  2. PULSE
  3. FALL
  5. Day by day
  6. dreamy reality
  7. Answer (Regular Edition only)

Limited Edition A Blu-ray / DVD
・「Destination」MUSIC VIDEO
・NEWWW Behind The Scenes

Limited Edition B Blu-ray / DVD
・絶対誰にも頼れないソロキャンプ (Zettai Dare ni mo Tayorenai Solo Camp)

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