Ken Hirai to Release New Single “#302”

On December 4, Ken Hirai will release his new single, “#302.” The song serves as the theme song for the TBS drama “4 Bunkan no Marigold.” “#302” is described as a medium ballad with a simple arrangement.

Ken recently released the music video for the song on his YouTube channel. In an interesting twist, it’s viewable outside of Japan. Ken is signed to Sony, a label notorious for blocking their YouTube videos outside of Japan. Check out the video below!

Limited Edition


  1. #302
  2. #302 -less vocal-


  1. #302 MUSIC VIDEO
  2. いてもたっても MUSIC VIDEO (Ite mo Tatte mo MUSIC VIDEO)

Regular Edition

  1. #302
  2. かわいそうだよね (Kawaisoda yo ne)
  3. トドカナイカラ (Kan Sano Remix) (Todokanai Kara (Kan Sano Remix))