Kemio&Amigachu release ‘Kerokero’ short music video

I’m not sure why this young boy is famous, but he has seem to amassed 337,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 100,000 followers on vine.

His name is Kemio (Amigachu are just his hypegirls) and he seems to be a hot topic among high school girls, gaining 100,000 twitter followers in under a month earlier this year according to his interview with modelpress. A recent high school graduate, he has since been working with culture magazine “HR” as a model and even posed with his idol Lady Gaga on a magazine cover… well, a doll version of her at least.

Watching TV as a young boy is what inspired him to live for the applause. He has gotten a lot of attention for his flamboyant vines, but doesn’t consider himself to be just an actor or singer. He’s the whole package: Kemio!

This single will be released on August 13.