Kazuyoshi Nakamura to release his first Studio Album in 4 Years this February

Singer/songwriter Kazuyoshi Nakamura revealed late last year that he would be releasing a new full-length record on February 5th. Nakamura’s 10th studio set, fittingly titled “Juu”, will be his first such release in four years, since February 2016’s “Kaizoku Ban”.

“Juu” will include ten new songs from the singer, including the finished version of his previously released digital single “Kamashimi no Michi”. Ahead of the album’s release, a short music video for its closing track “Ai ni Shita wa.” has been uploaded to his YouTube channel.

You’ll find this clip, along with the cover and track list for “Juu” if you read on below.

-’Juu’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Kanashimi no Michi
  2. Sore de Ii no da
  3. Juu
  4. Kami▱YOU
  5. Subete no Bakaki Yaroudomo
  6. Rain⚡Bow
  7. Irotooridoori
  8. Stars
  9. Iceland
  10. Ai ni Shita wa.
  11. Kanashimi no Michi (Acoustic Live at Myonichikan on June 27, 2019 with Misako Odani & Ritsuo Mitsui) -Bonus Track-
  • DVD -Acoustic Session at Victor Studio on October 10, 2019- (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Mexico -Live-
  2. Seven Stars -Live-
  3. Kimi no Koe -Live-
  4. Ai ni Shita wa. -Live-
  5. Kanashimi no Michi -Live-
  6. Ai ni Shita wa. -Music Video-

(via natalie)