LAMP IN TERREN contrast darkness with light in their PVs for “Homura no Hate” and “Itsumo no Koto”

Last month alternative rock quartet LAMP IN TERREN announced that they would be releasing a special EP titled “Maison Diary”, which would only be sold at their live shows. Now music videos for two of the included tracks – “Homura no Hate” and “Itsumo no Koto” – have been uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel.

The PV for “Homura no Hate” is cinematic in scale, expressing an existential conflict about the worth of existence through the actions of a mysterious young woman. By contrast, Itsumo no Koto’s video is a simple affair which attempts to capture the ‘gray everyday’ that most people experience with regularity.

You’ll find this pair of music videos, as well as the cover and complete track list for “Maison Diary” right after the jump.

-’Maison Diary’ Track List-

  • CD 1
  1. Homura no Hate
  2. Is Everything All Right
  3. Itsumo no Koto
  • CD 2 -Live from One Man TOUR “BLOOD” 2019.11.01 at Shimokitazawa CLUB 251-
  1. Homura no Hate -Live-
  2. send me -Live-
  3. at(liberty) -Live-
  4. I aroused -Live-
  5. Hana to Shijin -Live-
  6. Water Lily -Live-
  7. BABY STEP -Live-
  8. New Clothes -Live-
  9. Bonjin Doug -Live-
  10. White Like Me -Live-
  11. Overflow -Live-

(via natalie)