Kato Miliyah to Sample Daft Punk on New Single

On January 13, Kato Miliyah will release her new single, “FUTURE LOVER -Mirai Koibito-.” The song is an upbeat dance tune which samples Daft Punk’s 2000 hit “One More Time.” The song also borrows a bit from Miliyah’s 2010 song “HEART BEAT.” “FUTURE LOVER -Mirai Koibito-” will be a fusion of Miliyah and Daft Punk. Check out the covers and tracklist for this single after the jump!

1. FUTURE LOVER-未来恋人- (-Mirai Koibito-)
2. リップスティック (Lipstick) (Shingo.S Remix)
3. FUTURE LOVER (Instrumental)