Kato Miliyah to Release New Single “Lipstick”

On November 25, Kato Miliyah will release a new single titled “Lipstick.” Miliyah sees “Lipstick” as a continuation of her 2005 song “Dear Lonely Girl.” Fans have grown up with Miliyah in the decade since the release of “Dear Lonely Girl”, so she sees “Lipstick” as a song that will represent where her audience is now in their lives: working women who are looking for love. To link this single to “Dear Lonely Girl” even more, it will feature a remix of “Dear Lonely Girl” as one of the coupling tracks.

Check out the covers and tracklist for “Lipstick” after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. リップスティック (Lipstick)
2. Never Call Me Again
3. ディア ロンリーガール (Dear Lonely Girl) (DJ SHUYA & GAKUSHI REMIX)
4. リップスティック (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVD
1. A Story of “Lipstick” -Special Interview-