Hoshino Gen Releases Covers and Tracklist for His New Album “YELLOW DANCER”

On December 2, Hoshino Gen will release his new album, “YELLOW DANCER.” The album sees Gen exploring black music, something that he is a fan of. Today, he released more information about the album. The album will have 14 songs. The Blu-ray and DVD that comes with the limited editions of the album features footage from his concerts at Budokan from this past August. There is also commentary on these discs from Gen and some of his friends. The booklet that comes with all the editions of the album except for the CD only Regular Edition includes interviews with Gen, essays by him, and commentary on the album’s music written by Gen.

The cover of “YELLOW DANCER” depicts the rear view of a maiko’s head. The image is composed of household items like books, dishes, utensils, bananas, and a cat. Check it out after the jump, along with the album’s tracklist!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. 時よ (Toki yo)
2. Week End
3. SUN
4. ミスユー (Miss You)
5. Soul
6. 口づけ (Kuchizuke)
7. 地獄でなぜ悪い (Jigoku de Naze Warui)
8. Nerd Strut (Instrumental)
9. 桜の森 (Sakura no Mori)
10. Crazy Crazy
11. Snow Men
12. Down Town
13. 夜 (Yoru)
14. Friend Ship

Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD
1. バイト (Baito)
2. 化物 (Bakemono)
3. ワークソング (Work Song)
4. 地獄でなぜ悪い (Jigoku de Naze Warui)
5. 透明少女 (Toumei Shoujo)
6. Snow Men
7. フィルム (Film)
8. Crazy Crazy
9. ばらばら (Barabara)
10. くせのうた (Kuse no Uta)
11. 営業 (Eigyou)
12. 老夫婦 (Rou Fuufu)
13. くだらないの中に (Kudaranai no Naka ni)
14. Night Troop
15. レコードノイズ (Record Noise)
16. マッドメン (Mad Men)
17. 海を掬う (Umi wo Sukuu)
18. いち に さん (Ichi Ni San)
19. 桜の森 (Sakura no Mori)
20. 夢の外へ (Yume no Soto e)
21. 君は薔薇より美しい (Kimi wa Bara Yori Utsukushii)
22. SUN