Kato Miliyah Glows in “Ai ga Furu” PV

New mother Kato Miliyah will release her new single, “Ai ga Furu”, on June 19. This single, her first since May 2018’s “ROMANCE”, is part of her 15th anniversary celebration. Its release is also three days before her 31st birthday.

“Ai ga Furu” also includes the song “Darling”, which Miliyah debuted at a show at Billboard Live TOKYO last December. The limited edition of the single includes a DVD featuring footage from that concert.

Miliyah recently released the music video for “Ai ga Furu.” The video was shot while she was pregnant and she radiates with the new life inside her. Check it out below!

Limited Editon


Regular Edition



  1. 愛が降る (Ai ga Furu)
  2. Darling
  3. 最高なしあわせ -MANABOON Remix- (Saikou na Shiawase -MANABOON Remix-)

Limited Edition DVD
Live Movie From「歌の会」2018.12.14(Fri.) @ Billboard Live TOKYO (Live Movie From “Uta no Kai” 018.12.14(Fri.) @ Billboard Live TOKYO)

  1. 最高なしあわせ (Saikou na Shiawase)
  2. Silent Ocean
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. 天国のドア (Tengoku no Door)
  5. TRUE
  6. Darling

Ai ga Furu