KAT-TUN Drops PVs for Last 4 – Member Single “UNLOCK”

As previously announced, KAT-TUN released their 26th single “UNLOCK” on March 2. Aside from serving as the theme song for NTV drama “Kaito Yamaneko” starring member Kamenashi Kazuya, “UNLOCK” is also the group’s final single with member Taguchi Junnosuke and their last single before entering a “recharge period” after their tour ends on May 1.

After the release of the single, the group will be releasing a best album  “KAT-TUN 10TH ANNIVERSARY BEST ‘10Ks!’” on their debut day, March 22. More details on the tracklist are to be announced.

“UNLOCK” is a KAT-TUN style rock number and the music video was filmed using a special camera, creating a “simple but daring” PV. Also included is the music video for “GREATEST JOURNEY,” which is also seen as a montage to the group’s variety show “KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Tame ni Naru Tabi!”. The goofy PV features some behind-the-scenes which gives off a cheerful “Tame Tabi” mood. Check out the PVs below.