Kanjani8 Releases “Kanjanism” Album Group and Sub-unit PVs

Kanjani8’s “Kanjanism” album is out, and so are the group and their sub units PVs. Watch Kanjani8 take on the amusement park for “EJ ☆ Coaster” PV.

Yasuda Shota and Nishikido Ryo hand out ice cream on the streets for “ice cream”, Ohkura Tadayoshi and Yokoyama Yu give some very steamy scenes with their ladies befitting for “Adam & Eve”, Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru take a long nostalgic walk for “Michi” and Murakami Shingo A.K.A KING gets his own swag out for “Ai Love You”.

Check out their new music videos below.

EJ ☆ Coaster PV

ice cream PV (Yasuda Shota and Nishikido Ryo)

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Michi (Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru)

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Adam and Eve (Ohkura Tadayoshi & Yokaoyama Yu)

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Ai Love You (Murakami Shingo A.K.A King)

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