INKT Releases Full PVs for “Trigger” and “Zutto”

As previously reported, INKT’s debut album is out today! On the same day of release, the band’s full music videos for the album tracks “Trigger” and “Zutto” have been published on their official Youtube channel. Ahead of the album release, INKT held their first live performing 3 songs from their self-titled debut album, “Trigger”, “Zutto” and “Nobody knows” for 1,500 fans.

INKT consists of KOKI and former HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR members mACKAz and SASSY, and if KAT-TUN fans can recognize, members Kei and kissy were part of the backing band for KAT-TUN’s Chain Tour.

Check out the band’s rock song “Trigger” and their slower number “Zutto” below.