Kanjani8 announces multiple releases & ‘Eightertainment’ Dome Tour but skips on album release

During the last day of the Kanjani8 Recital tour held last September 28, Kanjani8 made several announcements regarding future releases. Noticeably lacking is the yearly album that’s usually released towards the end of year. To compensate for that, the group announced 2 new singles, a DVD and a Dome Tour.

“NOROSHI” which will serve as the theme song of Ikuta Toma’s “Mogura no Uta” movie sequel will be released in December. “Naguri Gaki BEAT”, theme song for member Yokoyama Yu’s “Hamon Futari no Yakubyougami” will be released in January. These new singles come after the “Panorama” single to be released on October 12.

The group will also embark on a 5-Dome Tour, the 4th time they will be doing so, scheduled from December to January. It’s titled “Kanjani’s Eightertainment”. What’s the concept of this ‘Eightertainment’? Fans can try guessing as there will be no new album to serve as the concert base.

In addition, “Kanjani8 Recital Manatsu no Orera wa Tsumi na Yatsu” DVD/ Blu-ray will be released on Nov 16! This features the Okinawa performance held last September 3.

Meanwhile, check out the details of the group’s newest single “Panorama”, which also includes a Nishikido Ryo x Ohkura Tadayoshi unit song.


“Panorama” is the theme song for the anime series “Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON”. It’s a supportive song filled with speed that gives a sense of courage and hope, as if taking a new step into a vast world! Coupling song “background” is the main song of “Oronamin C” already on air.

“Ousama Clinic by TAKATSU-KING” is a song produced by Kubota Toshinobu, and “Steal your love”  is a song from the Nishikido and Ohkura’s unit. Similar to the jacket covers of the previous single, the covers of Panorama make one picture when combined.



[First-run limited edition]
1. Panorama
2. background

Panorama music video & making-of


[Regular edition]

1. Panorama
2. background
3. Ousama Kurinikku by TAKATSU-KING
4.Steal your love
5. Panorama (original karaoke track)
6. background (original karaoke track)

“Kanjani’s Eightertainment” DOME TOUR
Sapporo Dome – Dec 10
Tokyo Dome – Dec 15 , 16, 17, 18
Nagoya Dome – Dec 22, 24, 25
Yafuoku! Nagoya Dome – Jan 2- 3
Kyocera Osaka Dome – Jan 12, 13, 14, 15

(via J-net)