Kaji Hitomi To Release New Single “In My Hi-Heel / Eyes”

On August 3rd, Kaji Hitomi is set to release her first physical single, “In My Hi-Heel / Eyes.”  The single will come in two forms, both a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD Regular Edition.  The DVD on the Limited Edition will include the “In My Hi-Heel” Music Video and MV Making Video.

“In My Hi-Heel” is an upbeat and funky song that will get you dancing.  The song was used as the commercial song for 2017 Miss Teen Japan, while “Eyes” was used as the ending theme for the anime Sousei no Onmyouji.

The MV for “In My Hi-Heel” shows the up and coming singer in a show girl style, dancing and singing to the camera.  While going back and forth from a cute and bubbly concept to a dark and sexy feel, the song maintains the same confidant sound throughout.

Check out the music video and tracklist for the new single down below!

CD+DVD Limited Edition

Kaji Hitomi New Single 03

CD Regular Edition

Kaji Hitomi New Single 02

CD Tracklist

  1. In My Hi-Heel
  2. アイズ (Eyes)
  3. Ti Amo (CD Only)


  1. In My Hi-Heel Music Video
  2. In My Hi-Heel MV Making Video