JUJU unveils the covers and tracklist for her new single “Last Scene”

JUJU has released the covers and tracklist for her new single “Last Scene.” This is the singer’s 27th single and it is set for release on September 17. As previously reported, “Last Scene” is the theme song for the upcoming NHK drama Seijo, starring Ryoko Hirosue. This is not the single’s only tie-in though. Check out the covers, tracklist, and other tie-ins after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


01. ラストシーン (Last Scene)
02. Brand New Days Will Love You
03. Hot Stuff -English ver.-
04. 恋人よ (Koibito yo) (Limited Edition only)


Limited Edition DVD
「10th Anniversary Act#01 JUJU HALL TOUR 2014 ~DOOR~」Digest
(Distance / Dreamer / 春雪 (Shunsetsu) / hero #51)


The single also features the Mezamashi TV theme song “Brand New Days Will Love You” and an English version of her hit song “Hot Stuff.” As previously reported, “Hot Stuff” is the CM song for Shiseido’s “MAQuillAGE Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO.”


The limited edition of the single will feature a cover of Itsuwa Mayumi’s song “Koibito yo.” The dvd that comes with this edition of the single will include footage from JUJU’s tour earlier this year in support of her 5th studio album “Door.”