Izuma Macra Releases New Album

Today, Izumi Macra released her new album “Ai Naraba Shitteiru.” It is her first album since 2013’s “My room my stage”, which garnered her significant buzz. “Ai Naraba Shitteiru” has love as its main theme. The album is a mix of hip hop and trip hop sounds. It features production by people such as DJ Mitsu the Beats, Olive Oil, nagaco, and LIBRO. The mysterious artist recently released a digest of the album. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s cover and tracklist!

1. baby
2. pinky
3. Love
4. Lullaby
5. YOU
6. Circus
7. 愛ならば知っている (Ai Naraba Shitteiru)
8. 幻 (Maboroshi)
9. 明日を待っている (Ashita wo Matteiru)