Its Not Me, Its You. Breaking Up in She is Summer’s ‘Tobikiri no Oshare Shite Wakarebanashi o’ PV

The ending of a relationship isn’t always easy. This is the crisis presented in She is Summer‘s ‘Tobikiri no Oshare Shite Wakarebanashi o‘ PV.  She is Summer is a solo project of MICO, ex-Phenotas member. The video begins with a distressed MICO, crying about her relationship gone sour and wondering what went wrong. Suddenly clock starts to wind back and MICO gets to see what lead up to that moment. How will it turn out? Come watch the video and find out more about the upcoming EP.

Fun Fact: The video was directed by Yuichiro Fujishiro, who has worked with artists like Suiyobi no Campanella and alcott.


Lovely Frustration

Lovely Frustration E.P.

  1. Kiminosei
  2. Naitoburu
  3. Anata ni Denwa Shinai Yoru
  4. Tobikiri no Oshare Shite Wakarebanashi o


Lovely Frustration E.P. will be released 8/3.