Irie Yo to butaji Release PV for “Tantei Monogatari”

Singer-songwriters Irie Yo and butaji have teamed up to form the unit Irie Yo to butaji. Both artists are signed to independent label P-Vine Records. They met through the label, hit it off, and decided to collaborate. The result is the mini album “Tantei Monogatari”, out today. “Tantei Monogatari” incorporates a variety of sounds, ranging from funk to folk to R&B to electronic. There’s also a cover of Inoue Yosui & Anzen Chitai’s 1986 hit “Natsu no Owari no Harmony.”

Today, the duo released the music video for the mini album’s title track. It features Yo and butaji running around Tokyo on an investigation, seeing as how “tantei” translates into “detective.”

In related news, today butaji released the album trailer for his debut album “Outside”, out August 5. This release too will be a stew of sounds.

Check out both videos mentioned above, the trailer for the duo’s mini album, and more info on both releases after the jump!

1. 探偵物語 (Tantei Monogatari)
2. UFO
3. 別れの季節 (Wakare no Kisetsu)
4. 青二才 (Aonisai)
5. 夏の終わりのハーモニー (Natsu no Owari no Harmony)
6. 探偵物語 (カラオケ) (Tantei Monogatari (Karaoke))


Mini album trailer


Tantei Monogatari



Outside (trailer)

1. ラブソング (Love Song)
2. ウィークエンド (Weekend)
3. Faded
4. サンデーモーニング (Sunday Morning)
5. ターミナル (Terminal)
6. 銀河 (Ginga)
7. すべての明かりが消えたあと (Subete no Akari ga Kieta Ato)
8. Outside
9. Light
10. ギター (Guitar)