iri Releases Full Details on Her New Single “Watashi”

On March 22, iri will release her first single, “Watashi.”  The song serves as the campaign song for Nike Women’s “Watashi ni Odoroke” campaign. “Watashi” was written by iri, composed by iri and Kenmochi Hidefumi, and arranged by Kenmochi. One of the single’s B-sides, “blue hour”, has the same credits.

iri recently release the music video for “Watashi.” The clip for the groovy, upbeat track features iri casually walking around Tokyo, clad in streetwear. Check it out below, along with more information in iri’s new single!

1. Watashi
2. blue hour
3. Never end
4. your answer (Limited Edition only)



Nike Women “Watashi ni Odoroke” video