indigo la End Celebrates Kawatani Enon’s Birthday with New Digital Single

indigo la End frontman Kawatani Enon turns 29 on December 3. To celebrate this occasion, the band will release a new digital single, “Touya no Magic”, on that day. This release will contain three songs in addition to the title track. One of these songs is a PARKGOLF remix of “Ai no Gyakuryuu”, which originally appeared on the band’s 2016 album, “Aiiro Music.”

The music video for “Touya no Magic” was recently released. In the clip, Enon plays a homeless street musician. Check it out below, along with more information on this release!

indigo la End「冬夜のマジック」配信ジャケット

1. 冬夜のマジック (Touya no Magic)
2. Play Back End Roll
3. 愛の逆流 (REMIX by PARKGOLF) (Ai no Gyakuryuu (REMIX by PARKGOLF))
4. 夕恋 (Yuu Koi)