Hoshino Gen Raps with PUNPEE on “Sarashimono”

As previously reported, on October 14, Hoshino Gen will release a new digital single, “Same Thing.” When this release was announced, Gen said that there would be a surprise guest artist on the song “Ain’t Nobody Know.” It’s been revealed that the guest is English musician Tom Misch. This collaboration came about after the friendship of Gen and Tom grew after a talk they had after one of Tom’s concerts in Japan this past May. The resulting “Ain’t Nobody Know” is a co-production that blends Tom’s track and Gen’s melody.

Gen has also released a lyric video for his collaboration with PUNPEE, “Sarashimono.” The song features Gen rapping alongside PUNPEE. In the video, the two spend a night in hanging out. The video also features English subtitles. Check it out below!