Hitomitoi Announces New Album “THE MEMORY HOTEL”

On October 21, Hitomitoi will release her new album, “THE MEMORY HOTEL.” This album comes about 1 year and 9 months after her last album, “Snowbank Social Club.” “THE MEMORY HOTEL” see Hitomitoi continuing in her city pop revival style. The album includes production by Cunimondo Takiguchi (also known as Ryusenkei), Dorian, Kashif, LUVRAW, Crystal, and mabanua.

Today, Hitomitoi released a digest for “THE MEMORY HOTEL.” Check it out after the jump, along with the album’s cover and tracklist!

1. Overture
2. The Memory Hotel
3. その目は、Hypnotic (Sono Me wa, Hypnotic)
4. ミステリートレイン (Mystery Train)
5. 忘・却・飛・行 (Bokyaku Hiko)
6. サレンダラー (Surrender)
7. Mon Fatal Amour
8. カナリア気分で (Canary Kibun de)
9. ロンリーウーマン (Lonely Woman)
10. Labyrinth ~風の街で~ (~Kaze no Machi de~)