Hey! Say! JUMP Gets Funky with Weekender and Asu e no Yell PV

Hey! Say! JUMP’s new double A-side single Weekender/ Asu e no YELL’ (‘ウィークエンダー/明日へのYELL) drops September 3. Full PVs for both songs are also released.

As members have described, the colorful set of Weekender PV features slightly strange movements – an ‘animation dance’. There are scenes where they move fast then suddenly move very slow, presenting motion and stillness. The dance expresses through fingertips and arms rather than steps. On the other hand, Asu e no Yell PV features them in blue and white outfits dancing to the song’s youthful and summer-ish tone. Part of the choreography is likened to a cheering song.

Weekender and Asu e no YELL are both currently serving as theme songs for member- led dramas ‘Kindaichi Neo’ and ‘Suikyuu Yankees’, starring…well, the respective PVs quite make that obvious already. Check them out below.