Hey! Say! JUMP drops PV for first ballad single “Give Me Love”

Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Give Me Love” is a song about conflicts and love that all of us experience in our lives, which are universal and grand themes. Set on a mellow R&B sound, Hey! Say! JUMP sings about the “true love”. The song was used as the theme song for Yamada Ryosuke’s drama “Cain and Abel”.

This is the group’s first ballad as an A-side so expect some drama in the music video. Check it out below.

The first-run limited edition includes “Traffic Jam,” which has an authentic gloomy boy band sound, and the regular edition/first press includes a new challenge for the members, a sexy electro-swing song called “TOY” as well as “Baby I Love You,” this year’s greeting song sung by Hey! Say! JUMP to share this message with their fans: “Thank you for this year. We’re counting on your support next year and beyond!” “Glorious,” features the members singing their burning passion for the fans in their 10th year as a group in a cool way, and “Ashita Hareruya,” everyone’s fight song that warms your heart.