Hey! Say! JUMP! / A.Y.T. releases single previews for “Precious Girl / Are You There?”

Before their best album drops for their 10th year anniversary on July 28, Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a double A-side single on July 5. Catchy, fast-paced and upbeat, you can listen to a preview of “Precious Girl” here.

“Are You There?” is the theme song for NTV’s “Koshoku Robot” drama. The song is sung by “A.Y.T.,” a 3-person unit formed by Arioka Daiki, Yaotome Hikaru and Takaki Yuya, who are also starring in this TV drama. It has heartwarming lyrics and a somehow sentimental techno-pop sound. It’s a vitamin song that gives listeners a boost, and its simple melody makes the listeners hum it instinctively. “Are You There?” preview is out here.

Check out the PV previews for both songs below!






”Precious Girl (Hey! Say! JUMP)/Are You There? (A.Y.T.)” TRACKLIST

precious girl le

[First-run limited edition 1]
☆Lyrics booklet enclosed (16 pages)
1. Precious Girl
Lyrics: MICO♯/Music: Takuya Harada, MiNE/Atsushi Shimada/Arrangement: Aaltostratus

2. Are You There?
Music: m.piece, saina/Lyrics: Kazumi Mitome/Arrangement: Aaltostratus

3. Shakunetsu no Yume
Lyrics: m.piece/Music: Andreas Ohrn, Henrik Smith, Susumu Kawaguchi/Arrangement: Aaltostratus

4. Shakunetsu no Yume (original karaoke track)

“Precious Girl” music video and making-of

ayt le2

[First-run limited edition 2]
☆Lyrics booklet enclosed (16 pages)
1. Are You There?
2. Precious Girl
3. Smile in Summer
Lyrics: Vandrythem, m.piece/Music: Takashi Tsushimi, Susumu Kawaguchi/Arrangement: ha-j

4. Smile in Summer (original karaoke track)

“Are You There?” music video and making-of

precious girl reg

[Regular edition]
1. Precious Girl
2. Are You There?
3.Sweet Liar/Hey! Say! 7
Lyrics: Xisco/Music: HIKARI, KOUDAI IWATSUBO/Arrangement: HIKARI/Rap lyrics: K.O./Strings arrangement: SSKHz

4. スタートデイズ (Sutaato Deizu)/Hey! Say! BEST
Lyrics, music: twelvelayers/Arrangement: Tomoki Ishizuka

5. Precious Girl (original karaoke track)
6. Are You There? (original karaoke track)
7. Sweet Liar/Hey! Say! 7 (original karaoke track)
8. スタートデイズ (Sutaato Deizu)/Hey! Say! BEST (original karaoke track)

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