Hata Motohiro Walks with Human Flowers in “Sumire” Short PV

On February 24, Hata Motohiro will release his new single, “Sumire.” The song serves as the theme song for the TV Asahi drama “Sumika Sumire”, starring Kiritani Mirei. Motohiro wrote the uptempo love song after reading the manga that inspired the drama.

Motohiro appears as an old man on the covers of this single. This mirrors the plot of “Sumika Sumire”, where an old woman suddenly wakes up one morning to find herself young again.

The short music video for “Sumire” has now been released. It features Motohiro walking down the street singing the song, accompanied by flowers that have sprang into human form. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on the single!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition

1. スミレ (Sumire)
2. 野ばら (Nobara)
3. 季節が笑う (Live at 三内丸山遺跡) (Kisetsu ga Warau (Live at Sannai Maruyama))
4. ダイアローグ・モノローグ (Live at 三内丸山遺跡) (Dialogue Monologue (Live at Sannai Maruyama))
5. トレモロ降る夜 (Live at 三内丸山遺跡) (Tremolo Furu Yoru (Live at Sannai Maruyama))
6. Q & A (Live at 三内丸山遺跡) (Live at Sannai Maruyama)
7. スミレ (backing track)

Limited Edition DVD
1. Sally -みんなでつくるMUSIC VIDEO- (-Minna de Tsukuru MUSIC VIDEO-)


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