Akai Koen Spends a Day in the Park in “Canvas” PV

On February 24, Akai Koen will release their new single, “Canvas.” The single will come a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD only Regular Edition. The DVD that comes with the Limited Edition will contain about 30 minutes of footage from the band’s show at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM from last November.

Akai Koen recently released the music video for “Canvas.” The clip features the band in a park. The mostly muted color palate experiences a splash of color courtesy of a shower of flower petals. Check it out after the jump!

赤い公園「Canvas」赤い公園の一曲勝負盤 ~Let's Listen?~ジャケット

1. Canvas

Limited Edition DVD
1. 赤い公園 対バンツアー2015「http://KOIKI/NAMAIKI/EKOHI-KI.com/」2015年11月6日 東京・LIQUIDROOM ライブ映像 (Akai Koen Tai Band Tour 2015 “http://KOIKI/NAMAIKI/EKOHI-KI.com/” 2015.11.6 Tokyo LIQUIDROOM Live Video)