Hata Motohiro to Release New Double A-Side Single

On October 19, Hata Motohiro will release his new single, “70 Oku no Piece / Owari no Nai Sora.” The first A-side serves as the new theme song for the TV Asahi program “Doyou Wide Gekijou”, while the second A-side is the theme song for the movie ” Satoshi no Seishun.” The DVD / Blu-ray that comes with the single’s limited editions features footage from a concert that Motohiro held in Tokyo this past June. There are 21 songs on the disc in total. Check out more information on “70 Oku no Piece / Owari no Nai Sora” below, along with the short PV for “70 Oku no Piece!”

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. 70億のピース (70 Oku no Piece)
2. 終わりのない空 (Owari no Nai Sora)
3. 聖なる夜の贈り物 (Seinaru Yoru no Okurimono) (2016 ver.)
4. 70億のピース (70 Oku no Piece) (backing track)
5. 終わりのない空 (Owari no Nai Sora) (backing track)

Limited Edition DVD / Blu-ray
2016年6月3日に東京・東京国際フォーラム ホールAで行われた「HATA MOTOHIRO CONCERT TOUR 2016-青の光景-」(2016.06.03 ni Tokyo・Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A de Okonawareta “HATA MOTOHIRO CONCERT TOUR 2016 -Ao no Koukei-“)