Haruomi Hosono to Release First New Album in Over 6 Years

On November 8, Haruomi Hosono will release “Vu Ja De”, his first album since April 2011’s “HoSoNoVa.” This album is a double album, Haruomi’s first. The first CD is titled “Eight Beat Combo”, and is a cover album of standards. The second CD is titled “Essay”, and features newer material. Some of the material has been redone, such as “Mohican”, his theme song for the movie “Mohican Kokyo ni Kaeru.” There are also CM songs on the album, some of which have never been released before. In the album’s liner notes, Haruomi describes his thoughts behind each song and goes into detail about its creation. Check out more information on the album below!

細野晴臣「Vu Ja De」ジャケット。初回生産分はスペシャルパッケージ仕様となる。

CD1 (Eight Beat Combo)
1. Tutti Frutti
2. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens
3. Susie-Q
4. Angel On My Shoulder
5. More Than I Can Say
6. A Cheat
7. 29 Ways
8. El Negro Zumbon (Anna)

CD2 (Essay)
1. 洲崎パラダイス (Suzaki Paradise)
2. 寝ても覚めてもブギウギ ~Vu Ja De ver.~ (Nete mo Samete mo Boogie Woogie ~Vu Ja De ver.~)
3. ユリイカ 1 (Eureka 1)
4. 天気雨にハミングを (Tenki Ame ni Humming wo)
5. 2355氏、帰る (2355 Shi, Kaeru)
6. Neko Boogie ~Vu Ja De ver.~
7. 悲しみのラッキースター~Vu Ja De ver.~ (Kanashimi no Lucky Star ~Vu Ja De ver.~)
8. ユリイカ 2 (Eureka 2)
9. Mochican ~Vu Ja De ver.~
10. Pecora
11. Retort ~Vu Ja De ver.~
12. Oblio