Halo at Yojohan ascend to the heavens in PV for “Morse”

Up-and-coming rock band Halo at Yojohan have announced that they will be releasing a brand new CD titled “Banyuu Shingou no Housoku-EP” on November 9th.  Ahead of this date the group have published the music video for the release’s lead track “Morse” to their label’s Youtube channel.

This PV was directed by Hideaki Fukui and sees a sundry of space-related imagery surround and overlap with the band as they perform the emotional track.  These striking photos are meant to represent the sheer depth of expression that can be achieved through the use of morse code.

Read on below to find the full PV for “Morse”, as well as the cover and track list for Halo at Yojohan’s new EP.

-’Banyuu Shingou no Housoku-EP’ Track List-


  1. Morse
  2. Kairai Ryodan to Umibe no Machi
  3. Mel Youth
  4. Eureka no Hana

(via natalie)