Gouriki Ayame is back with a ‘racket dance’ in “Kuyashii kedo Daiji na Hito” PV

Following her ‘propeller dance’ and ‘gao gao dance’ from her first two singles, Gouriki Ayame is featuring a new dance move coined the ‘racket dance’ for her third single “Kuyashii kedo Daiji na Hito”. This latest single (translated as “Frustrating but Important People”) is the second installment of the “Daiji na Hito (important person) trilogy, after the first single “Tomodachi Yori Daiji na Hito“ (A Person More Important than A Friend). The song is described as a disco number, describing a woman’s mind which cannot be honest.

The lyrics contain tennis terminology and the released single covers also make use of the tennis racket and tennis balls for the artwork.

The single drops October 29. Check out her new moves from the full PV.



(via natalie)