FEMM returns to the scene with “dollhouse” EP

Duo FEMM is back with a brand new digital EP titled “dollhouse“. Beginning on August 4th it will be available on all your favorite digital music services.

The EP will contain seven tracks in total, with some..unique song names. The full tracklist for “dollhouse” is as follows:

  1. untitled 01 (work in progress)
  2. Dead Of Night (work in progress)
  3. Up Up & Away
  4. Plastic
  5. untitled 02 (work in progress)
  6. Shibuya Ex Horologium (Adirector will write)
  7. Boss (work in progress)

Two songs from the EP have received their own MV, check out the full MV for one of the title tracks “Plastic” below!

A very impressive live MV was also created for the track “Up Up & Away. It was developed with the help of electronic giant Panasonic, and was showcased at CES (The Global Stage for Innovation) 2018. CES is a very popular convention in the tech industry.

To support the EP on the day of release the mannequins will be holding a special live at Harajuku called “ADIRECTOR Vol.1『DOLLHOUSE』”. On August 8th they will also perform at an event called “focus vol.1”