Elephant Kashimashi to celebrate 30 years in the industry with a Best Album

2017 marks the 30th anniversary for Japanese rock mainstays Elephant Kashimashi, which they have decided to commemorate by releasing a compilation album on March 21st (the same date they issued their first single).  Their “All Time Best Album THE FIGHTING MAN” will include two discs containing 30 songs total, the choices including tracks from their very first album all the way up to their most recent studio set “RAINBOW”.

This special best album will be released in three versions:  a Regular CD-Only edition, a Limited Edition which includes a DVD chronicling the band’s live performance history, and a Deluxe Edition which will come packaged with two different DVDs, one including rare footage from a 1995 concert at Shimokitazawa’s SHELTER and a second with footage from a corresponding concert which will take place on December 27th of this year at the same venue, plus a CD containing demo tracks recorded prior to the band’s official debut, and finally, a special booklet which attempts to tell the story of their 30 years in the industry.

Read on below to find the full track list for Elephant Kashimashi’s upcoming compilation album.

-’All Time Best Album THE FIGHTING MAN’ Track List-

  • Disc 1 “Mellow & Shout”
  1. Koyoi no Tsuki no You ni
  2. Kanashimi no Hate
  3. Shigatsu no Kaze
  4. Kaze ni Fukarete
  5. Yume no Kakera
  6. Tomodachi ga Iru no Sa
  7. Oretachi no Ashita
  8. Egao no Mirai e
  9. Listen To The Music
  10. Kageriyuku Heya
  11. Sakura no Hana, Maiagaru Michi yo
  12. Hana Uta ~Tooi Mukashi Kara no Monogatari~
  13. Atarashii Kisetsu e Kimi to
  14. Zureteru Hou ga Ii
  15. Yume wo Ou Tabibito
  • Disc 2 “Roll & Spirit”
  1. Gustronger
  2. Dede
  3. Dorei Tengoku
  4. Hana Otoko
  5. Tatakau Otoko
  6. so many people
  7. Call and Response
  8. Shochuu Mimai -Yuutsu na Gogo-
  9. Ore no Michi
  10. Rekishi
  11. Daichi no Symphony
  12. Destiny
  14. Namida
  15. Fighting Man
  • Deluxe DVD 1 (All Lives from 1995.06.21 at Shimokitazawa SHELTER)
  1. Yume wo Miyouze
  2. Live ni Sekasarete
  3. Kanashimi no Hate
  4. baby Jitensha
  5. Kodoku na Tabibito
  6. baby baby
  7. Sayonara Bakari
  8. Hajimari wa Itsumo
  9. Hana Otoko

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