E-girls releases “Move It! -Dream & E-girls TIME-” PV from new album

E-girls has released the full music video for “Move It! -Dream & E-girls TIME-“ off the upcoming new album “E.G. TIME”, slated to be released on New Year’s day. As its title indicates, the PV spotlights subgroup Dream and its four members, Aya Takamoto, Shizuka Nishida, Ami Nakashima and Erie Abe

The members’ characters are expressed in the video by the chair designs used by the members. “LOVE & CUTE” for Ami, “ART” for Aya, “DANCE & MUSIC” for Erie, and “COOL & BEAUTY” for Shizuka.

Check out the group’s latest video for their new electro dance tune.

(via Natalie)