Daichi Miura to Release His New Asadora Theme “Sansan”

On June 8, Daichi Miura will release his new single, “Sansan.” The song serves as the theme song for the current NHK asadora “Chimu Dondon.”

The drama is a special one in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s return to Japan from the United States’ post-World War II occupation. The drama tells the story of heroine Higa Nobuko, played by Kuroshima Yuina, leaving Okinawa to pursue a career as a chef in Tokyo, and eventually spreading the cuisine of her island.

“Sansan” was written by Daichi and composed by UTA. It will be released in three version: CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray, and CD only. Check out more about the single, including its music videos, below!


  1. 燦燦 (Sansan)
  2. 新呼吸 (Shin Kokyuu)
  3. 燦燦 -Instrumental- (Sansan -Instrumental-)
  4. 新呼吸 -Instrumental- (Shin Kokyuu -Instrumental)

DVD / Blu-ray

  1. 燦燦 -Music Video- (Sansan -Music Video-)
  2. 新呼吸 -Music Video- (Shin Kokyuu -Music Video)
  3. 燦燦 -1 Song Hall Live with Orchestra- (Sansan -1 Song Hall Live with Orchestra-)