Czecho No Republic Releases PV for “Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun”

On September 9, Czecho No Republic released their new album, “Santa Fe.” The album comes in 2 editions: a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD only Regular Edition. The Limited Edition DVD features footage from the band’s show at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall. “Santa Fe” has 11 tracks, one of which is “Oh Yeah!!!!!!!”, which served as the closing theme for “Dragon Ball Kai.”

Czecho No Republic recently released the music video for the album’s 5th track, “Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun.” The clip is an homage to the love affair between John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The band’s guitarist, Yagi Rui, plays John Lennon. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s covers, tracklist, and trailer.

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. Firework
2. Heart Beat
3. Oh Yeah!!!!!!!
4. Beautiful Days
5. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun
6. エンドルフィン (Endorphin)
7. クワーキーワールド (Quirky World)
8. イメージ (Image)
9. Empty Your Mind
10. For You
11. オルゴール (Orgel)

Limited Edition DVD
-Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall One Man Live Documentary


“Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun” pv:


Album trailer:


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