Cute or Cool? Tokyo Girls Style Release Two Videos for “Mille Feuille”

Tokyo Girls Style has decided to show more than one side themselves their latest release. Two music video versions have been made for their latest single “Mille Feuille“; a cool version and a cute. Being more focused on dancing and showing a more mature side, the cool version gives us TGS performing the choreography dressed in sleek deep blue outfits to the electronic song. The cute version shows a brighter and more colorful video, as the girls bake a cake. Dance scenes from the cool version are interwoven into some parts of the cute version. Watch both videos to find which version of Tokyo Girls Style you prefer.



  1. Mille Feuille
  2. Partition Love -Mode Warp- mix
  3. Mille Feuille (instrumental)
  4. Partition Love -Mode Warp- mix (instrumental)


Mille Feuille” will be released 11.30. It’s Tokyo Girls Style‘s 21st single under Avex.