Creephyp Releases Short PV for “Ai no Tenmetsu”

Today, Creephyp released their new single, “Ai no Tenmetsu.” It is the theme song for the movie, “Nounai Poison Berry”, which opens in theaters on May 9. “Nounai Poison Berry” stars Maki Yoko and is based on the manga of the same name.

“Ai no Tenmetsu” is being released in 3 editions: a CD only Limited Edition, a CD only Regular Edition, and a CD only Universal Music Store Edition.

Creephyp recently released the short music video for this new single. The video features a performance by the band. It’s also features the artwork of Yasuhiro Suzuki. One of his works is called “Blinking Leaves.” It’s composed of eye-shaped pieces of paper with an open eye on one side and a closed eye on the other. When the “leaves” flutter down, they appear to be blinking. This fits the song seeing as how its title translates into “Blinking of Love.”

The one of the B-sides on the single is titled “Creep.” The song is part of a collaboration with Moringa Milk’s coffee creamer “Creap.” This collaboration came about due to the similarity in the names of the band and the coffee creamer.

Check out the video after the jump along with the single’s covers and tracklist.

Limited Edition

1. 愛の点滅 (Ai no Tenmetsu)
2. クリープ (Creep)
3. すぐに (Sugu ni)
4. 空色申告 (Sorairo Shinkoku )


Regular Edition

1. 愛の点滅 (Ai no Tenmetsu)
2. クリープ (Creep)
3. すぐに (Sugu ni)
4. 赤の前 (Aka no Mae)


Universal Music Store Edition

1. 愛の点滅 (Ai no Tenmetsu)
2. 喋る (2015年3月21日市川市文化会館) (Shaberu (March 21, 2015 Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan))
3. ヒッカキキズ (2015年3月21日市川市文化会館) (Hikkakikizu (March 21, 2015 Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan))
4. 目覚まし時計 (2015年3月21日市川市文化会館) (Mezamashi Tokei (March 21, 2015 Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan))