spoon+ upload solo live to YouTube, new digital singles

Underground electro-pop unit spoon+ (led by vocalist aco) released two digital singles back on February 8th this year. In commemoration of Valentine’s Day was a cover of 1986 single “Valentine Kiss” originally by Kokushou Sayuri with Onyanko Club, which is only available on iTunes Japan, while the second track “King to Jack wa Torikomi-chuu” is a spoon+ original. A very upbeat electronic pop number, “King to Jack” received distribution in various iTunes stores worldwide. Previews for both songs are up on aco’s SoundCloud: Valentine Kiss, King to Jack.

spoon+ has also been busy on their official YouTube account, where an entire solo concert was uploaded recently. Titled Konya no Tsuki wo Osara ni Nosete (I’ll Put Tonight’s Moon on a Plate), the one-man live took place on April 8th. Despite the small stage, spoon+ uses projected visuals to create an immersive and strangely magical environment that perfectly complements the unit’s music. Check it out below!



*The live was uploaded in eight parts, so please check spoon+’s YouTube to see the rest!