Contemplate everyday urban landscape in Maison book girl’s “karma” MV

Alternative idol group Maison book girl released their major label debut single “river (cloudy irony)” last November 30th, and after already having released the MV for the A-Side “cloudy irony”, they have now published a clip for its B-side, “karma”, coinciding with the announcement of their first live release “Solitude HOTEL 2F + faithlessness”. The MV, which doesn’t feature any of the four members, consists in a camera recording urban landscapes at a high speed from a vehicle, revealing the beauty and poetry these everyday pictures hide. Check the MV and the live Blu-ray+CD tracklist just after the jump!

Solitude HOTEL 2F + faithlessness
[Blu-ray Tracklist]

  1. cloudy irony
  2. snow irony
  3. bath room
  4. sin morning
  5. film noir
  6. Remove
  7. last scene
  8. saigo no you na kanojo no kyoku
  9. karma
  10. faithlessness
  11. 14days
  12. empty
  13. lost AGE
  14. bed
  15. blue light
  16. cloudy irony
  17. my cut

[CD Tracklist]

  1. faithlessness