Che’Nelle to Release New Album “Destiny”

In 2007, Che’Nelle debuted with the song “I Fell in Love with the DJ.” She is now celebrating her 10th anniversary with the album “Destiny”, out June 14. This album is her first since “@chenelleworld”, which was released in February 2015. “Destiny” features the hit single of the same name, which serves as the theme song for the TBS drama “Reverse.” Check out the cover, tracklist, and preview video for Che’Nelle’s new album below!

1. Destiny
2. Heartburn
3. Fun
4. Fall In Love Again
5. Miracle
6. Love Sick
7. Love You Like Me
8. Outta Love feat. MINMI
9. 君がいれば (Kimi ga Ireba)
10. Remember My Name
11. 終わらないラブソング ~Like A Love Song (Owaranai Love Song ~Like A Love Song)