Check out the trailer for “orange”

We previously reported that Takano Ichigo’s manga “orange” will get a live action film adaption starring Tsuchiya Tao and Yamazaki Kento.

Finally, a first clip of the movie has been released!

Check out the trailer and its English translation after the jump!

Text: A letter that arrived one day…
Naho: “To me in the second grade of high school, how are you? I am writing you this letter from 10 years in the future.” … what is this?
Text: The sender is myself from 10 years in the future
Narrator: What was written there, was that she would fall in love with transfer student Kakeru.
Kakeru: My name is Kakeru Naruse.
Narrator: And, that in 10 years from now, he would no longer be in this world.
Naho: I am going to save Kakeru!
Text: This present that you can never return to
Naho: I am watching over you, Kakeru.
Text: live it earnestly
Kakeru: If you could choose between the past and the future, to which would you go?
Naho: How about you, Kakeru?
Kakeru: The past. I want to erase my regrets.
Naho’s friend: Come, fast!
Kakeru’s friend: Aren’t we friends?
Kakeru: I will never forget this day.
Naho: Kakeru! Don’t go.
Both: orange.
Text: I am waiting, even after a decade.
Text: 12.12 a pure love story of youth that connects the present and the future

(via the movie’s official website)