Chatmonchy continues activities + new backing band + new single

For the past several months, rock duo Chatmonchy had been dormant following the birth of vocalist and guitarist Eriko Hashimoto’s son in October of last year.

With the backing support of Ryosuke Shimomura from the chef cooks me on keyboard and Akira Tsuneoka of Hi-STANDARD on drums, a newly reorganized Chatmonchy performed at ‘ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014’ after nearly a year and a half since their last live performance. They took to the GRASS STAGE, the festival’s largest and most prestigious stage.

On the band’s official site, Hashimoto announced, “Since we’re going for a new sound, we decided to stop being just the two of us and now be a band of four. We hope you look forward to this new Chatmonchy!”

It was also revealed that they will be releasing a new single ‘Kokoro to atama/Itachigokko’ on October 29th. The song, written by Hashimoto, will be available for listen on the band’s official site until August 31st.