Singer-songwriter Nanami debuts with passionate song ‘Ai ga Sakenderu’

From Oita prefecture, singer-songwriter Nanami cries out her love in major debut single ‘Ai ga Sakenderu’ due out October 8th.

She career was jump-started when she won first place in the Yamaha sponsored ‘The 6 The Music Revolution JAPAN FINAL‘ in 2013 for her overwhelming singing ability and performance. Since then, she has caught the attention of her home prefecture and the island of Kyushu by providing music for CMs and themesongs for regional programs.

She will debut as the second artist under the label e-stretch RECORDS after Yoshizawaka Yoko.

‘Ai ga Sakenderu’ PV

‘Ai ga Sakenderu’ (live with own accompaniment)

Ai ga Sakenderu Tracklist

01. Ai ga Sakenderu
02. Kyojin no Ohanashi
03. Agehachou
04. Ai ga Sakenderu ~instrumental ver.~