cero Releases PV for New Single “Orphans”

On December 17, the band cero released their 2nd single “Orphan / Yousari.” To promote the single, they’ve released a music video the its first A-side, “Orphans.” The video features a jam session by the band along with some shots of a seaside town. cero stands for “Contemporary Exotica Rock Orchestra” and this name is proven by some of the instruments on display in this song and the accompanying music video: flute, trumpet, and soprano saxophone. Check out the music video for “Orphans” as well as the single’s cover and tracklist after the jump!



1. Orphans

2. 夜去 (Yousari)

3.  1つの魔法 (終わりのない愛しさを与え) (1 tsu no Maho (Owari no nai Itoshi sa wo Atae))



cero Live Recording “Scrapper’s Delight”

1. cloud nine

2. ターミナル (Terminal)

3. Contemporary Tokyo Cruise

4. 小旅行 (Sho Rokyo)

5. Yellow Magus

6. さん! (San!)